Sea Islands Greenway

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Did you know?

  • Johns Island roads are unsafe at any speed.
  • There are just short of 10 accidents per week on Johns Island.
  • In a 3-year time span (2007-2009), there were 1,498 recorded accidents on Johns Islands roads and approaches, 527 of which led to a total of 691 injuries. Most importantly, there were 17 deaths.
  • 86% of the accidents and 76% of the deaths took place on four roads: Maybank, Main, River and Bohicket.
  • On Johns Island: Bohicket, Betsy Kerrison and River roads are among the most dangerous in the state.
  • If we stopped allowing building permits on Johns Island today, there are currently 2,000 approved houses that will increase congestion and traffic.
  • By 2035, Johns Island traffic will grow by 41,644 to 78,938 trips per day.
  • There are only two routes for Johns Island during an evacuation, along 2-lane tree-lined roads.
  • Five engineering studies have supported the Sea Islands Greenway as the sound alternative.
  • The Sea Islands Greenway is less disruptive than alternatives. It retains natural and cultural aspects of Johns Island and allows existing roads to return to their community character.
  • The Sea Islands Greenway will disturb no churches or graveyards.
  • The Sea Islands Greenway will provide bikeway, jogging paths and equestrian trails.
  • The building of the Sea Islands Greenway is critical to the safety and well-being of Johns Island whether or not I-526 is completed.
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